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Stichting Maratika


All donations, whatever the amount, are greatly appreciated.

How can I support Maratika?


In this time of obscurity, people are more and more (soul)searching for enlightment to feel secure and protected. The next step forward for mankind is to become whole again. Bringing back together the fundamentals of living fulfilled and truthful lives, individually and as societies. Energy sources like the Maratika caves are necessary to accomplish this.


There are many ways to support the Maratika Foundation and community. You could for example:


All work done by the foundation is on a 100% volunteer basis. The entire sum of your donation goes directly to the Maratika community and monastery.


Maratika Foundation has ANBI status, as determined by the Dutch Tax authority, making tax deductible donations possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us for inquiries.


Thank you for your presence and engagement with Maratika Foundation.

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