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Supported and guided by Maratika Rinpoche,

the English Language Programme is one of Maratika Foundation's core activities.


Teaching English at Maratika

Currently there are over 50 monks, aged between 6 and 28, living and studying in Maratika. After Rinpoche pointed to the importance of introducing English into their studies and with his blessing, in 2018 we marked the beginning of the English programme at the Maratika Monastery.

Since then we have had a number of dedicated people sharing the joy of teaching in Maratika, typically for a period of 3 months. The  has already greatly contributed not only to the monastic sangha, but also to the wider Maratika community. It has been wholeheartedly encouraged  by Maratika Rinpoche and the monks themselves. So we, as the Maratika Foundation, find this activity to now be one of our main and most important purposes.

Contributing to the flourishing of the sangha, the living soul of Maratika, has become our main priority, now that the Monastery has been successfully renovated and inaugurated in February 2019.

Support the English programme

If you would like to support us in this initiative, here are the main things you can do

  • You can contribute with any amount towards the school textbooks and supplies. We need about 100 every quarter to cover the basics but there are always also bigger projects, like refreshing the classrooms, getting desks for all monks, building a little library cupboard, and organizing a number of extracurricular activities.

  • Our teachers are volunteers, who receive food and accommodation while in Maratika. There are still some major costs incurred for flights, visas, vaccinations, etc. We are therefore also always grateful when we receive support towards any of these costs.

  • Become the next Maratika teacher! If you yourself feel the urge to step into the teacher role or know somebody who might be, please get in touch with us!

Support the Maratika monks

Support is needed to provide teachings, education, lodging, food and drink for the over 50 monks (6-28 y.o.), who play an essential role in preserving the sacredness of Maratika and its long life teachings. Photos of the daily life of the Maratika monks are available on our Pinterest.

You can support the monks by:

  • Committing to the €250 annual contribution to the living and teaching costs of one monk.

  • Donating any amount towards the current project aimed at building two new floors at the monks quarters

  • Engaging in any way with the Maratika English programme


Any of these donations, could be fulfilled through our donate page, just state which initiative you're supporting.

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