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Other Ways to Support Maratika

If you are still deciding whether the pilgrimage is the right step at this particular moment in your life or you would like your donation to be towards a concrete idea, you could also support Maratika through any of the following.

Support the Maratika monks

Support is needed to provide teachings, education, lodging, food and drink for the over 50 monks (6-28 y.o.), who play an essential role in preserving the sacredness of Maratika and its long life teachings. Photos of the daily life of the Maratika monks are available on our Pinterest.

You can support the monks by:

  • Committing to the €250 annual contribution to the living and teaching costs of one monk.

  • Donating any amount towards the current project aimed at building two new floors at the monks quarters

  • Getting to know more about our English language programme at Maratika and donating towards the school materials and supplies.


Any of these donations, could be fulfilled through our donate page, just state which initiative you're supporting.

Become a Maratika Foundation Member

Maratika Foundation Membership is a wonderful way to connect with Maratika directly. Members play an essential role in preserving and promoting both the holy place of Maratika and the teachings of H.H. Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche and the Nyingma Mindrolling Dzarongphu tradition.

As a token of our gratitude, after becoming a member, you will receive a certificate, the blessed Amitayus amulet and Maratika long life pills.

Contribution €120 / year.


We also have a beautiful webshop with many items coming to Europe directly from Maratika, including long-life pills, blessed Amitayus amulets, incense sticks and bumpas (long life treasure vases). In additional, we also have a wide variety of Maratika t-shirts and hoodies.

We invite you to browse through the webshop. The full amount of  profit generated through this goes directly to Maratika.

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