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Visit the Maratika Monastery and Caves during this unique pilgrimage


Pilgrimage to Maratika Caves and Monastery

Sometimes life presents us with an opportunity almost beyond our mind's ability to comprehend, and when this happens our hearts feel this. Visiting Maratika is one such opportunity. When we hear the name we might experience a profound knowledge that there will be a time for us to go there. And we start trusting that with time the support will be there, and the unseen will be seen.

The Maratika Monastery and Caves send a message straight into the heart, leaving an imprint beyond Life and Death. 


Do not miss this opportunity. If you feel the connection, it means you are ready to go and visit the place of immortality.


The pilgrimage entails visits to temples and monasteries in: 

  • Kathmandu

  • Maratika

  • Chiwang

  • Thubten Choling 

Visit some of the main caves in the region, including the Maratika caves, under the guidance of head monks and lopens;  attend ceremonies at a festival at Chiwang Monastery (depending on the period of the visit); trek to a secluded monastery high up in the mountains where 350 nuns reside; and receive direct blessings from Maratika Rinpoche.


Cost of the pilgrimage is €1500 (or €850 for 1 week of visit to Maratika only), excluding return flight to Katmandu. There is usually space for around 15 people.

You can get an impression of the previous pilgrimages from our Facebook page and by browsing our 2016 and 2017 pilgrimage photos. We suggest you also gain access to the Maratika Cave Pilgrimage group on Facebook.

If you would like to receive any additional information, please feel invited to reach out to us.

Dates for the following pilgrimage will be announced soon!

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