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The full amount of all funds that our activities generate goes to Maratika.
Projects at Maratika

After the generous support of many donors from all Maratika sanghas, the Monastery has now been fully renovated and the inauguration took place in February 2019.

Currently support is needed for the manifestation of two additional floors at the monks quarters, where a growing number of monks reside, study and practice. You can either support a monk on an annual basis or donate for this project in one go. 

The monastery also lacks water supply and hygiene facilities. Any help and support for these is welcome too! You can support through choosing to donate under one of the options on our Contribute page or purchasing products from our Webshop.

Maratika Foundation's efforts towards preserving the cave, monastery and community are essential, as very little is otherwise available.

The full amount of Maratika Foundation's funds goes towards the support of the Monastery and its sangha.

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