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Maratika Stories


Story Katiza Satya

Story Annelied Mock

"Visiting Maratika is said to change ones life for the better. And so it does: I still feel now -one year later - that the time spent in and around the caves and with the lovely people we met, has profoundly touched and transformed my life. Its space is mysteriously capable of humbling one for ever. 


At first sight the surfaces and smells of the main cave were strangely unattractive… slippery and smelly. At the same time there was this strong pull to stay. To wander around, to follow the traditional routines as kindly instructed by Maratika Rinpoche and the monks, and in the footsteps of Mandarava and Padmasambava, to simply sit there spending time inside the various caves, forgetting the outside world alltogether. Being enveloped by grace; beginning to remember being, like coming home. Or like stepping into an open space in the woods: open and natural.

The place breathes clarity, and is also confusing. After all it is a clarity that rubs off on you, which can also be seen in the eyes of the gentle people who look after the caves.


As Maratika is frequently visited by Buddhist Masters from around the world to retreat, we were lucky to meet an older Tibetan high master  (whose eyes were shining brightly like stars, and with humor) who was conducting ceremonies at the temple after his weeks retreat. He shared his pure love and joy generously with all of us. Then he was assisted into the helicopter, flying off, waving to us smilingly from the sky...back to Tibet…

Deeply thankful for the care and love of the entire Maratika ‘family’! "

Story Denitsa 

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