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Thank you for becoming a member of the Maratika Foundation and support Maratika Cave, teachings and community.

As a token of our gratitude you will receive a Maratika Foundation membership certificate, the blessed Amitayus amulet and 10 Maratika long life pills.

Maratika Foundation Membership is a wonderful way to connect with Maratika directly by expressing your commitment to the Maratika Foundation and the activities of the Maratika Nyingma lineage. Members play an essential role in preserving and promoting both the holy place of Maratika and the teachings of his Holiness Kyabje Trulshik Rinpoche and the lineage of Nyingma Mindrolling Dzarongphu tradition.

This membership is valid for one year and stops automatically. We will contact you before the year ends to see if you would like to stay a member of the Maratika Foundation.

Tashi Delek
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