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All work done by the foundation is on a 100% volunteer basis.


The entire sum you donate goes directly to the Maratika community and monastery.


How can I donate money to Maratika?

Clicking the donation button takes you to the webshop where you choose the amount you wish to donate with a minimum of €10. Your donation is tax deductible as the Foundation has ANBI status.


Transfer your donation directly to Stichting Maratika:


IBAN: NL 92 RABO 0306 7182 19  



Maratika is a Public Benefit Organization

Those who are able to make larger donations could choose to support a specific project. In this case it is possible to link your name, your company name, or someone you would like to honor to the project of your choice.

The following projects currently need support:


  • Two new floors in the monks quarters € 40,000

  • Water facilities € 20,000

  • Electricity € 15,000

  • Three retreat huts for students € 10,000 (per hut)

  • School and teaching support € 5,000

  • Medical center support € 10,000


Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding these projects and project specific donations (tax-deductible).


Thank you for your presence and support of Maratika Foundation!

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