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From untruth to Truth
From darkness to Light
From death to Immortality

Om Peace Peace Peace

Katiza Satya Ivulic

nothing ever happened 

Satya born as Katiza was from young age a seeker of Truth and an artist. She dedicated her self to art and dharma (living truth),  combining them equally like having 2 lovers, at the same time living as a young mother in a new country. This was her way of life for more than 17 years, from 1984-2001.


Then she stopped painting and closed her studio to fully dedicate her life to practicing yoga,  sharing the dharma and most importantly being a mother with all the conditions and challenges of a normal life. Now finally after more than 15 years she is opening her art work to share with all as a memory of the pathless path of her life. For her art never did go away, she learned to become a living artist. Yoga and life became her art,  by just purely Being she felt the highest art of life.  

Her drawings and paintings remained for years as buried living beings, now they are free again, and available to all, she is so happy to offer these beings as an inspiration and a reflection of living art.

Below the artwork that Katiza Satya donates to Maratika.

"Emptiness is form 20" 

17cm x 38cm 

oil paint + acrylic paint + wax + photo on board 

 price: 1000 euros 

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