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Support the Maratika Monastery and community in Eastern Nepal.

Help keep the universal wisdom alive.

The Maratika Foundation   
This wonderfull, little, YouTube impression is made a while ago in 2017. We are happy to share that so much incredible development is going on in the meanwhile at Maratika .  

With the aim to protect the everlasting and profound source of energy and wisdom for all people and all future generations to come, the Maratika Foundation supports the Maratika monastery and the local community at Maratika Cave near Mount Everest. Funds raised by the foundation are spent to help the local children go to school and allow the monks to study. Medical care and clean water is made available to the local community. Big and all little Funds are invested to support the Sacred Puraland off Maratika in many ways.

About the Maratika Cave and Monastery


The cave and its surroundings are a sacred place for practitioners of many Buddhist traditions.

The place is rich in history, mythology and sacred geology. Two important Gurus in Tibetan Buddhism are said to have realised immortal life at the Maratika Cave in Eastern Nepal, through visions of Buddha Amitayus. These are Padmasambhava - sometimes called the second Buddha - and his consort, Mandarava.

The Maratika cave is lovingly preserved by the monks of the nearby monastery, the origins of which date back to the great Buddhist master Padmasambhava. But the monastery needs to be renovated and the monks and surrounding communities need help.


The wisdom needs preserving.



  • Your support provided the Extra floors for the growing number of monks



  • Support the monks, their schooling and English language programme

  • Supporting English teachers

  • Planting of trees, herbs and vegetables 

  • Improve water facilities, medical facilities, and electricity

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